3-23-10 - 3/22/10 PERIGLACIAL LANDSCAPES * Non-glacial...

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3/22/10 PERIGLACIAL LANDSCAPES * Non-glacial processes and landforms associated with cold climates, particularly with various aspects of frozen ground. * often found in high-latitude or -altitude environments near the perimeter of glaciated areas, or formerly glaciated areas * found today in , BUT during recent periods of glaciation, periglacial activity was found much further south, including GA *** often delineated by those areas which exhibit permafrost, perennially or permanently frozen ground; rock, soil, water (ground ice), etc. is always frozen. * 2 conditions for permafrost : 1) T° in the material has remained below 0°C continuously for more than 2 years 2) If pore water is present in the material a sufficiently high percentage is frozen to cement the mineral organic particles * If these conditions are no met, and the ground is frozen, it may be seasonally frozen ground *An active layer may lie directly upon the upper surface of the permafrost (the permafrost table ) and annually freeze and thaw. * The depth of the permafrost table, will vary from about 15 cm to 5 m below the surface (6 in to 20 ft) * it will vary because of ambient air T°, escape of geothermal heat, moisture content
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3-23-10 - 3/22/10 PERIGLACIAL LANDSCAPES * Non-glacial...

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