4-15-10 - 4/15/10 PHYSIOGRAPHY of U.S. & North America...

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4/15/10 PHYSIOGRAPHY of U.S. & North America --- landscape description: * landscapes, landforms, climate, soils, vegetation, etc. * Hierarchal system composed of 2 main levels: 1) physiographic realm : 1 st order classification or grouping; at a broad spatial scale; uniformity of landscape and landforms 2) physiographic region : 2 nd classification, more detailed encompassing a smaller spatial scale; may subdivide a realm ; also called a physiographic province ** Physiographic Realms of North America 1) Canadian Shield: *Vast area of exposed and thinly covered igneous and metamorphic crystalline rock * extends from northern Minnesota & Wisconsin north into Canada, Hudson Bay area & the Arctic islands * original core of N. America * low relief with thin soils; boreal forest area, into tundra * contains 1 region , Arctic Coastal Plain , along the south edge of Hudson Bay, & the Arctic coast of Alaska 2) Interior Plains: * eastward from foothills of Rockies to western edge of the Appalachians * north boundary with Canadian Shield, south w/ Coastal Plain * underlain by sedimentary rocks * low relief to low undulating hills ** Includes 3 regions : a) Great Plains : Western edge of this realm; than other regions in the Interior Plains ; stretch from Texas to Manitoba b) Interior Lowlands
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4-15-10 - 4/15/10 PHYSIOGRAPHY of U.S. & North America...

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