review geog final

review geog final - of swirling cyclonic winds Saturn...

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Planets Mercury- cratered, highly volcanic (basaltic lava), no evidence of modification by fluvial, eolian, or glacial processes. Venus- thick gas-CO 2 atmosphere, similar surface to earth with volcanic plains, mountains, and volcanoes, some cratering, relatively young surface <500myo, dominated by volcanic activity. 80% of surface is volcanic plains Mars- cratered, evidence of modification, mostly eolian now, nearly all water is frozen in ice caps or ground ice, one of the universe’s largest volcanoes- Olympus Mons Earths moon- cratered highlands, smooth lower regions of basaltic lava, no modification, some structural deformation, which formed grabens. Jupiter- no solid surface gaseous layers of hydrogen and helium gas, 16 moons- 4 inner moons (Io) that are geologically active, giant red spot
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Unformatted text preview: of swirling cyclonic winds Saturn- similar to Jupiter, “solid core”, gaseous surface, 18 moons-cratered, high winds Uranus-no solid surface but solid core- just like Jupiter and Saturn, 5 major moons with cratered surface of water ice Neptune- no solid surface-gaseous, 8 moons- Triton the largest- evidence of ice caps (frozen N) volcanism, and tectonics, clouds of methane ice Pluto- planetary body, solid surface of nitrogen ice, similar to moons of Neptune and Saturn, 1 moon-Charon Physiography of U.S & North America REALMS: 1. Canadian Shield 2. Interior Plains 3. Appalachian Highlands 4. Western Mountains 5. Gulf-Atlantic Coastal Plain 6. Central American Mtns. *Most regions= Western Mountains with 7, following is the Appalachian highlands- 5 regions...
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review geog final - of swirling cyclonic winds Saturn...

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