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Group Project #2- Group 4 Katelyn Fish Meagen Bennett David Stabler Decker McMorris Brent Patterson Directions: Circle all and only the correct answers. The Metaphysics of Empty Persons According to the theory of momentariness, Abhidharma believes that everything happens in moments and only lasts for an instant because: a. A cause makes something go out of existence b. There is no substance to anything therefore it can only last an instant c. Things go out of existence spontaneously d. Nothing can cause an absence and therefore it must be immediate Answer: Answers A and C are incorrect because if there is a cause, there has to
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Unformatted text preview: be an effect and effects cannot happen because they create absences which do not exist. Also, things cannot change over time because there is no substance, and not enough time can make something disappear, therefore for it to be spontaneous it must happen in an instant. B and D are correct because as said, there is no substance, and therefore it only lasts an instant because it cannot change since only a substance can change. Also, as argued when refuting A that nothing can cause an absence, so there can be no cause, and it must be immediate and it cannot last longer than an instant....
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