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Key for Quiz: Communication and Learning Disorders J 1. Specific Language Impairment (SLI) K 2. Mathematics Disorder 1. May be characterized by difficulty in recognizing numbers and symbols, memorizing facts, aligning numbers, and/or understanding abstract concepts 2. May also be associated with problems in visual-spatial ability 3. Children with mathematics disorders typically have core deficits in arithmetic calculation and/or mathematic reasoning abilities 4. Underlying neuropsychological processes are believed to be underdeveloped or impaire 5. Prevalence: 2-10% C 3. Decoding G 4. Learning Disorders “Learning disorders” is a diagnostic term that refers to specific problems in reading, math, or writing ability, as determined by achievement test results that are substantially below what would be expected for the child’s age, schooling, and intellectual ability L 5. Writing Disorder 1. Children with writing disorders typically produce shorter, less interesting, and poorly organized essays, and are less likely to review spelling, punctuation, and grammar 2. Children with writing disorders also often have problems with tasks requiring eye/hand coordination, despite normal gross motor development
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Ch11+LD+matching+terms+key - Key for Quiz: Communication...

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