Test+1+Study+Guide - Ethnocentrism Far From Heaven...

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Sociology 100 Test 1 (Johnson) Study Guide The following are things that you should know for the test. Also, you should know anything else that Terry highlighted in lecture that isn’t on this list, and you should be mindful of the reading. Therefore, this list is a guide and is NOT exhaustive – in other words, there may be things on the test that are NOT on this list, and there may be things NOT on the test that are on the list. Action(s) Agency vs. Structure Approaches (to Sociology) Attitudes Behavior(s) Beliefs Berger Both/And Cooley Cultural Relativity Culture Demography Distribution Dominant Discourse “Dramaturgy” Durkheim Either/Or
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Unformatted text preview: Ethnocentrism Far From Heaven Genealogy Generalized Other Goffman Group(s) Guilt High Culture Human Ecology Ideal Types Ideology Impression Management Individual(ism) James Jazz Johnson Language Looking Glass Self Material Culture Marx Mead Merton Mills Norms Object/Subject Park Paths Of Least Resistance Personal Problems vs. Public Issues Poverty Power Privilege Racism Role Role Conflict Role Structure Self Sexism Significant Other Social Social Inequality Social Position/Social Location Sociology Status Stratification Structure Stereotype/Stereotyping Suicide System Values Voting Weber White Privilege...
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Test+1+Study+Guide - Ethnocentrism Far From Heaven...

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