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Comm 371: Media, Culture, and Society Levine’s Wallowing in Sex © 2010 Edward Timke 1 Clip 1: Opening Trailer to Buck Rogers In the 25 th Century (NBC, 1979) Disc 1, Episode 1, 0:30-4:38 How is the character Buck Rogers portrayed in the opening trailer? How are the women portrayed in the opening trailer? Given Levine’s discussion of television in the 1970s, what function do these women serve? Clip 2: “The Accurate Conception,” The Golden Girls , Season 5 (NBC, 1989) Disc 1, Episode 3, 3:25-11:36 What value system does Blanche’s daughter represent? What value system does Blanche represent? What are Dorothy’s and Rose’s initial reactions to Blanche’s news about her daughter? How do they change their opinions? What function do you think Dorothy and Rose play in this scene in relation to Blanche? What is unique about The Golden Girls in terms of representing women and issues of sex and sexuality? Clip 3: “The Turtle and the Hare,” Sex and the City , Season 1 (HBO, 1998) Disc 2, Episode 9, 4:45-7:26 How does this clip from Sex and the City compare to the humor of The Golden Girls and 1970s television shows? What’s happening in this scene?
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