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Comm 371: Media, Culture, and Society Study Questions for Torres, Gitlin, Gans © 2010 Edward Timke 1 IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This document is neither exhaustive nor completely representative of what might be covered on the exam. These are some important key terms, concepts, and questions that I have identified from our readings. In conjunction with your reading guides and concept lists, these questions aim to help you target the important themes and lessons underlying each reading. Sasha Torres, Black, White, and In Color 1. According to Torres, what was the relationship between the Civil Rights Movement and television? How and why was their relationship symbiotic at the start? How did the relationship change? 2. What was the documentary Sit-In ? How did it have a “double life”? 3. What is liveness? Why is it a burden? 4. Who is Rodney King? What television shows does Torres use to show how the Rodney King controversy entered televisual narratives? Do you agree with Torres’ analyses of these shows? 5.
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Review-Study+Questions+on+Torres,+Gitlin,+Gans - Comm 371:...

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