List+of+Final+Exam+Terms - Hippies 1968 Democratic National...

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Comm 371 List of Potential Terms for Final Exam Civil Rights “done” Fred Silverman Media frames Small town pastoralism Hip hop wars Civil Rights “undone” Equal Rights Amendment Students for a Democratic Society Ethnocentrism Drag balls Emmett Till Charlie’s Angels Ideological hegemony Heteronormativity Latino imaginary Rodney King Made-for-TV movies Weather Underground Altruistic democracy Earvin “Magic” Johnson Selma, Alabama Will & Grace
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Enlightened sexism Born Innocent AIDS Newspaper coverage Civil Rights Movement “Bloody Sunday” SNCC SCLC Martin Luther King, Jr. Malcolm X. Black Panther Party The New Left Berkeley Free Speech Movement
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Unformatted text preview: Hippies 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago Moderatism Feminist Movement Women’s Liberation NOW Kate Millet Sexual Revolution Alfred Kinsey Gay and Lesbian portrayal on TV Queer Theory Harvest of Shame The Bronze Screen La Raza Unidad Spanish-Language Radio Celia Cruz Cesar Chavez Jose Guiterrez Deloris DelRio HIV/AIDS Rock Hudson Racial profiling “Vietnam syndrome” Rudolph Valentino Gulf Wars (First and Second) Three’s Company News values Responsible capitalism Individualism Social order National leadership Social disorder news Moral disorder news...
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List+of+Final+Exam+Terms - Hippies 1968 Democratic National...

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