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Communication 211 Name _KEY Fall 2009 Section _________________ Workshop 5 Quiz Concerned about lengthy delays in approval of highway projects supported with federal stimulus money, the Obama White House staff is interested in the relationship between people’s news consumption habits and their chances of voting for a Democrat in the 2010 elections. They are considering holding press conferences and meetings in order to make the highway projects more visible to citizens. They believe that people who are heavy consumers of news will be more likely to vote for Democrats next time if they hear more about stimulus-funded projects. This relationship should be stronger for Independents than for Democrats or Republicans. Based upon the results of a study, they might decide to hold more press conferences and meetings to describe their projects so that likely voters support Democrats in the next election. In order to test their hypothesis, the Obama staff hires a Democratic polling firm to conduct a national survey for them. The researchers want to build a News Consumption Scale from questions commonly found on national surveys. They will use this to predict the likelihood of voting for a Democrat in 2010, which they measure with the following question: "On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 means ‘No chance at all’ and 10 means ‘Definitely will’ how likely is it that you will vote for a Democrat in the 2010 election?” Then they were asked “In politics as of today, do you consider yourself to be a Democrat, Republican, or Independent?” The Democratic polling firm conducted a telephone survey, contacting adults age 18 and older, and asks them the following series of questions to construct the News Consumption Index: News Consumption Scale Items a. How many times did you watch local news in the last week? (# of nights) b. Have you ever donated money to a public television station? (Yes/No)
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Anser+Key+for+Quiz+5 - Communication 211 Fall 2009 Name...

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