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Unformatted text preview: Communication Studies 211 Name: ______________________________ Fall 2010 Section: _____________________________ First In-class Quiz Read the following article and answer the accompanying questions. SARAH PALIN THE CHOICE FOR THE REPUBLICAN NOMINATION It has frequently been observed that candidates who receive more press coverage are more popular. [This is the conceptual hypothesis, and it suggests the candidate is the unit of analysis] Sarah Palin is receiving the largest amount of news coverage among Republican candidates which has made her one of the frontrunners for the partys nomination for President in 2012. In this survey, 78% of respondents who were classified as "heavy television viewers" indicated she is the most likely nominee, while only 47% of those who dont watch much television ("light television viewers") rated her in the same fashion. Analyst John Williams attributes her good prospects for the nomination to the heavy media coverage of her endorsements in the Republican primaries this year. endorsements in the Republican primaries this year....
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Answer+key+to+In+class+quiz+1+F10 - Communication Studies...

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