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Atmospherics_PParamadilok - Assignment#3 Atmospherics MARK...

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Assignment #3: Atmospherics MARK 310 – Consumer Behavior Pearl Paramadilok 1
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Bath and Body Works is a retail store that sells lotions, bath items, personal care items, and home fragrances. These stores are usually found in malls and other shopping complexes. They also surround them selves with other stores that sell body and hair care products causing a Halo effect. However, something that distinguishes Bath and Body Works from the others is that it sells these products and fragrances, under its own brand. It also has its own sub-brand like the C.O. Bigelow and White Brand Candle brands. Consumers come in the store for aromatherapy and at-home spa treatments. The Bath and Body Works brand displays an image of clean and rejuvenation towards the consumer's idea of beauty. Bath and Body Works target market that cater to the demographics of all women of all ages but emphasize on the modern generation. They are enterprising on the stereotype that women spend a lot of time in the bathroom getting ready. This is the genre of the store: a
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Atmospherics_PParamadilok - Assignment#3 Atmospherics MARK...

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