Lecture 24, Wed., 12-1-10 continued

Lecture 24, Wed., 12-1-10 continued - F 1603 Elizabeth died...

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Lecture 24, Wed., 12-1-10 , continued The following material may be included on Test 4 as part of Wed. lecture…. I. Elizabeth I (conclusion) A. continued threats from the Papacy and Philip II after the Armada B. Elizabeth I demanded Catholics attend Church of Engl. Services C. Prohibited Catholics from holding seats in House of Commons D. Denied them the right to vote and barred them from public office E. Puritans tried to undo her religious settlement angered her since she believed she was a divine right monarch who held power from God –she insisted that Puritans also attend C. of E. services….
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Unformatted text preview: F. 1603 Elizabeth died and Mary, Queen of Scots son, James VI of Scotland also inherited the crown of England as King James I (Stuart dynasty) G. Act of Union-Scotland became part of Great Britain II. France (rivalry between Catholics and Protestants) A. Henry of Bourbon ended civil war and became Henry IV of France B. Conversion to Catholicism to unite the French people under the crown C. Edict of Nantes- Henry believed in toleration-Huguenots (French Calvinists), could practice their faith freely, could hold public office-Henry’s closest advisor was a Huguenot....
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