Lecture 19, Wed.11-10-10

Lecture 19, Wed.11-10-10 - Lecture 19. Wed., 11-10-10...

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Lecture 19. Wed., 11-10-10 Chapter 11, (Church) 322-326, (plague) 303-311, (100 Years’ War), 311-319) I. 14 th century: An Age of Adversity : The Decline of the Church (pp.300-303) A. Avignon Papacy (1305-1378) Philip IV, “The Fair,” and Pope Boniface VIII Philip was tired of the Pope’s interference in the secular affairs of France & was involved with a Roman family (Colonna) who alleged Boniface came to his papal office by questionable means. Boniface was kidnapped, treated badly, and died a month after his release. Philip was determined to have a French pope & since the majority of the College of Cardinals was French, the king was able to use his influence to elect a French pope. In 1305 Philip persuaded the pope to move the entire papal bureaucracy to Avignon, France. B. Avignon papacy came to be perceived as an institution of the French govt. & developed a corrupt reputation: simony- buying/selling high church offices; pluralism-bishops overseeing more than one diocese; nepotism-placing relatives into important positions ; sale of indulgences- remission of punishments for sinful behavior C. 1378 Papacy was restored to Rome. Mobs demanded the election of an Italian … Urban VI ordered the higher clergy to abandon their materialistic lifestyles- French (safely back at Avignon) invalidated the election of Urban-claimed they were intimidated-lives in danger….They elected a Frenchman as pope. Each pope considered himself legitimate. . end 4-7-10 D. Great Schism (1378-1417) countries allied with France recognized Avignon; others looked to - Rome. .confusion among Europeans mystical sects – Bretheran of the Common Good- one can achieve salvation through prayer & meditiation-no need for a pope/institutional
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Lecture 19, Wed.11-10-10 - Lecture 19. Wed., 11-10-10...

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