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Lecture 20, Wed., 11-17-10

Lecture 20, Wed., 11-17-10 - Lecture 20 Wed Chapter 12 I...

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Lecture 20, Wed., 11-17-10 Chapter 12, I. Collapse of the Byzantine Empire ( 1453) Chapter 12, pp. 367-8 A. Mehmet II ( Ottoman Turks) conquered Seljuk territories, the Balkans, parts of central & easter Europe; in 1453 Mehmet invaded Constantinople & Constantine XI ( last of the Paleologi dynasty) was deposed & killed.. Mehmet renamed Constantinople Istanbul B. Papacy’s call for another Crusade was rejected…. C. Russia – Ivan III (1462-1505) Prince of Muscovy who united the principalities creating the nation-state of Russia Byzantine cultural & religious legacy Ivan was married to the sister of the last Byzantine emperor – he adopted the title Protector of Orthodoxy as well as Byzantine traditions, i.e. coronation ceremony, double-eagle coat of arms as his own; his son, Ivan IV was the first Russian leader to use the term Tsar or Czar (Caesar) which had been the title of Byzantine emperors for centuries… II. Nation- States: Spain (p.365) A. Reconquest ( or Reconquista) Spanish Christian princes warred against the Arabs
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