Improving Academic Performance

Improving Academic Performance - Improving Academic...

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“Improving Academic Performance”. Innovative Design At the very heart of your educational mission is the goal of improving academic performance. Two sustainable design strategies can help you. Through the implementation of natural daylighting and the inclusion of measures that improve indoor air quality, your school, like other Sustainable Schools, will be a healthier learning environment, result in increased attendance, and improve academic performances. (2008). Study habits and skills, and academic achievement of students in Kerman University of medical sciences . Journal of Medicine Education, Vol. 12 , 78-80 Bloom believes that study skills are pre-requisite for educational success (3). Many universities offered study skills courses to new comers as an essential course including York University, California; Berkeley University, Ferrum College in Virginia, Darmoth University and Cook University (4, 5, 6, 7). In Iran Shahid Beheshti Medical faculty has recently introduced study skill course for medical students (4). One important component of learning activities is study skills. Various students have various study practices based on their study habits and their interest in subject (11). Three distinct factors have identified which contribute to better educational achievements: 1- Competence also referred to as intelligence and aptitude; 2- Interest which usually results from a good understanding of future goals and purposes; 3- Study skills (1). Effective study usually comes down to two factors: motivation and style. A good, effective study required flexibility in study speed, clear perception and memory retention, concentration, planning and evaluation (8, 9, 10). Students use three approaches to learning surface deep, strategic. In the surface approach to learning the students try to memorize all the content to get good grades (4). Study is a complex activity and students have to use a combination of study skills; Based on the nature of subjects and difficulty of the content students have to adapt difficult skills (2). To learn each skill one should stop previous habits and try to substitute them with new useful habits (1): To have a fruitful time studying, one should be interested in subjects and be competent in using study skills. The interest on the part of students makes him/her to study for longer hours which lead to more opportunity to use study skills (11). Mastering study skills makes study more enjoyable and effective which in turn strengthen the students’ interest so he/she spends more time studying (2, 3). The psychologist working specifically on learning has found effective learning methods which make learning easy (2, 10). Reading comprehension skills are invaluable tools that contribute to better learning. They
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Improving Academic Performance - Improving Academic...

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