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Adverting Notes 1/5/11

Adverting Notes 1/5/11 - o Persona Within the text leads...

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Advertising 1/5 Structured and composed non-personal communication of information usually paid for, usually persuasive in nature about products by identified sponsors through advertising media. Communication channels o Mass- newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, billboards o Addressable- direct mail, e-mail o Interactive- mobile, online o Non-traditional- shopping carts, blimps Dimensions of Advertising o Communication, marketing, economic, social/ethical Human Communication Process o Source o Encoding o Message o Channel o Decoding o Receiver o Feedback Stern Communication Model o Sponsor- legally responsible, has a message o Author- Copywriter, art director, creative group, invisible to audience
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Unformatted text preview: o Persona- Within the text, leads voice to tone or ad, real or imaginary spokesperson Communication: Message Dimensions o Autobiography- I tell a story, directly addresses viewer o Narrative- Third person, off-camera narrator o Drama- Characters act in front of imagined audience, creates a scene (print ads) Feedback and Interactivity o Redeemed coupons, phone inquiries, visits to web site, survey responses, increased sales, visits to a store o Lets sender know if message received, understood o Sender can tell when communication breaks down...
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