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Ad notes 1/12 - Soup o 1900 auto industry began to grow o...

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Advertising 1/12 Evolution of Advertising o Preindustrial Age- During this era, few could read o 1440- printing press, news traveled much faster o First ad, stolen horses o 1704- Boston newsletter, first newspaper o Benjamin Franklin first to create ads Industrializing Age o Producers needed mass consumption o For the first time, it cost less to buy a product than to make it o Transportation breakthroughs facilitated distribution o Increased need for mass marketing techniques o Luxury brands began to grow- Coke, Jell-O, Corn Flakes, Campbell’s
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Unformatted text preview: Soup o 1900- auto industry began to grow o 1929- Great Depression, less ads Golden Era o The product positioning era o Product differentiation o Market segmentation-marketers look for target audiences o Positioning Postindustrial 1980-present o Consumers became aware of environmental sensitivity Self-Regulation o Consumers demanded truth o 1947- Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARE) 1971- National Advertising Division...
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  • Murawski
  • Marketing, National Advertising Division, era Product differentiation, 1440- printing press, Industrializing Age o Producers, environmental sensitivity Self-Regulation

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