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Display answer fx display how close to zero the zero

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Unformatted text preview: guess x % Display answer f(x) % Display how close to zero the zero vector is end % End uniqueness test lasty = y; % Set rounded vector for next uniqueness test end 13.1) When running what we called L13P1, we were able to find the following solutions 1) (254.2211204388131, 219.3069916050682) 2) (-193.2945540448241, 66.5649013596583) 3) (740.3288221787728, 906.8259399608955) These were the two that we were able to find such that f(x1, x2) equal to or very close to 0. The second solution can be disregarded since distance from the station cannot be negative. For a LORAN system to accurately position a ship using this system of equations, the ship will need to first have a general idea of where it is in relation to the stations to select the appropriate solution. It should be noticed that the as the initial guess increases the answers fluctuate between the possible solutions. Below are the outputs of the program. >> L13P1copy AnswerNumber = 1 InitialGuess = 10 10 x = 1.0e+002 * 2.542211204388131 2.193069916050682 ans = 0 0 AnswerNumber = 2 InitialGue...
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