cs61a_sp09_mt3 - CS 61A Midterm#3 — Your name login...

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Unformatted text preview: CS 61A Midterm #3 — April 15, 2009 Your name login: cs61a– Discussion section number TA’s name This exam is worth 40 points, or about 13% of your total course grade. It includes two parts: The individual exam (this part) is worth 35 points, and the group exam (the other part you probably just finished) is worth 5 points. The individual part contains six substantive questions, plus the following: Question 0 (1 point): Fill out this front page correctly and put your name and login correctly at the top of each of the following pages. This booklet contains seven numbered pages including the cover page. Put all answers on these pages, please; don’t hand in stray pieces of paper. This is an open book, open notes exam. When writing procedures, don’t put in error checks. Assume that you will be given arguments of the correct type. Our expectation is that many of you will not complete one or two of these questions. If you find one question especially difficult, leave it for later; start with the ones you find easier. If you want to use procedures defined in the book or reader as part of your solution to a programming problem, you must cite the page number on which it is defined so we know what you think it does....
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cs61a_sp09_mt3 - CS 61A Midterm#3 — Your name login...

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