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Nick Allen English 1213 Mr. Jones 22 March 2010 Essay #3 Puppy mills in Oklahoma Dogs are considered "man’s best friend," but after seeing how humans treat dogs, this is obviously a one sided relationship. Oklahoma is the second largest exporters of puppies in the U.S., spreading thousands and thousands of dogs around the country, and only beaten by Missouri and Pennsylvania who are tied for first place. It is also the only state with a high number of breeders operating without regulation. ( Graef ) This makes it possible and very easy for several people in the state of Oklahoma to ignore any kind of animal cruelty laws and set up a mass breeding stations, otherwise known as puppy mills. Puppy mills have become a huge problem in several states across the U.S., but Oklahoma is ranked up there as one of the worst states with dealing with this issue. Between the years of 2003 and 2006 the USDA cited Oklahoma dog breeders with over 2225 violations such as Facilities and enclosures, Cleaning, sanitation, housekeeping, pest control, attending veterinarian/adequate vet care, feeding and water requirements and several others. (Breeding Misery) Which is just makes me feel sick when I hear all the horrible things that they are doing to poor animals, and those are the people who are registered bog breeders. That’s is not counting the unknown mass amount of commercial breeders. Who have no legal obligations to maintain a certain environment or living standards for the animals they sell because of a loophole in the Oklahoma system.
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The people in charge of puppy mills run them because in Oklahoma there is nothing that the united states department of agriculture USDA can do because of the loophole in the
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English1213_essay_3_finaldraft - Nick Allen English 1213 Mr...

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