Bio 51 General Info Fall 2009 Final

Bio 51 General Info Fall 2009 Final - PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY...

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PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY (BIOL 51) General Information Fall 2009 Lecturers: Section Meeting Instructor Final Exam Date and Time 1 MWF 8:00-9:20 in Rm 144 Dr. Kirk Land Monday, 14 Dec, 8 – 11 am 2 MWF 9:30-10:50 in Rm 101 Dr. Dale McNeal Wednesday, 16 Dec, 8 – 11 am 3 MWF 11:00-12:20 in Rm 144 Dr. Stacy Luthy Friday, 18 Dec, 8 – 11 am 4 MWF 12:30-1:50 in Rm 101 Dr. Eric Thomas Friday, 18 Dec, 12 – 3 pm Laboratory Coordinators Dr. Mark Brunell – Office Room 247 Biology Bldg (Phone: 946-7479) Ms. Debbie Walker - Office Room 137 Biology Bldg (Phone: 946-3149) Textbook: Campbell, Neil A., and Jane B. Reece. 2008. Biology, 8 th ed. Benjamin Cummings, San Francisco, CA. Van de Graaff, Kent M., and John L. Crawley. 2009. A photographic atlas for the biology laboratory, 6 th ed. Morton Publ. Co., Englewood, CO. Laboratory fee: A non-refundable laboratory fee of $180 will be charged to your student account to help defray part of the costs of the lab manual, materials and equipment. Course Description: Biology 51 is the first semester of major’s General Biology, which consists of three broad areas: evolutionary biology, survey of biological diversity, and ecology. No prior knowledge of science or biology is assumed. Emphasis is placed on learning the fundamental concepts and facts of biology to establish a solid basis for later courses in biology. This course satisfies General Education area III-A. In this course, the skills of written communication, research, critical thinking, and quantitative literacy will be developed through lectures and laboratory study. Attendance: Attendance at lectures is essential if one is to master the material. You will be held responsible for all material presented in the lecture whether you are present or not. Attendance at labs is mandatory! One unexcused absence from the lab will reduce your final course grade by 2%. Two unexcused absences from the lab will reduce your final course grade by 10%. Three unexcused absences from the lab will result in a failing grade for the entire course. General Information - 1 of 8
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Due to limited space, you must attend the lab section in which you are registered. Failure to attend your own lab section without first clearing it with Ms. Walker will be counted as an unexcused absence. For exceptionally compelling reasons (e.g., hospitalization, a University-sponsored event) permission to attend another lab may be granted. This permission can only be granted by Ms. Walker or Dr. Brunell and must be obtained on an EMERGENCY ADMITTANCE TO LAB form in advance. In case of illness, you must notify either Ms. Walker or Dr. Brunell (not your lecturer or your lab instructor) prior to the meeting of your scheduled lab, obtain documentation regarding your illness from the UOP Health Center or your physician, and make arrangements to make up the lab as soon as you return to school. Please note that after Thursday afternoon of any week it will be impossible to make up
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Bio 51 General Info Fall 2009 Final - PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY...

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