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ex3 vers1 biol61

ex3 vers1 biol61 - Biol 61 section 1 Midterm 3 Name ID d e...

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Biol 61 section 1 Midterm 3 4/8/05 Name__________________________________ ID#_______________________________ Multiple Choice Section: Read each question carefully and choose the best answer. 1. Translation would be possible in a cell lacking a. Ribosomes b. rRNA c. mRNA d. tRNA e. all of the above are required for translation 2. A eukaryotic mRNA is being translated. How was the translational initiation site selected? 3. A mRNA has lost its polyA tail 4. You are given 2 mRNAs. One is 1200 bases long, the other is 900 bases long. You could conclude that 5. The anticodon 5’GUC3’ a. Is on the mRNA b. Is on the DNA c. Is on the tRNA d. Will base pair with the rRNA e. More than one of the above 6. The anticodon 5’GUC3’ 7. Cells have less than 40 distinct tRNAs, yet there are 61 possible codons. This is because 8. In order to build an initiation complex for translation, you would need 9. The last thing that joins the translation complex before translation begins is a. An initiation factor b. ATP c. The small subunit of the ribosome d. The large subunit of the ribosome e. A free amino acid
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