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McL 151 Assign 4 - 2 2 Suppose that for some experiment we...

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1 SCORE : /25 NAME : ___________________________ STUDENT NUMBER : _______________ Math 151 A03 & A04 Assignment #4 DUE: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17 th , 2010 At the START of CLASS – NO EXCEPTIONS ! *** UNSTAPLED ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED*** ANSWERS ALONE WILL EARN YOU NO CREDIT. ALL RELEVANT WORKINGS MUST BE SHOWN IN FULL. COMPLETE EACH QUESTION AS IF YOU WERE PRESENTING YOUR SOLUTION IN THE CONTEXT of an EXAM. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Suppose that I have a bag containing 6 red marbles and 4 green marbles. I will make three selections from the bag, one at a time. After I make a selection, I use the following rules: if I select a green marble, I will put it back into the bag; if I select a red marble, I will paint it green and then put it back into the bag. Suppose that my third selection is a red marble. What is the probability that all of my selections were red? [5 Marks] Round answer to four decimal places.
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Unformatted text preview: 2 2. Suppose that for some experiment, we have three independent events A, B and C. Suppose that: i) P(AUB) = 0.7 ii) P(C|A) = 0.3 iii) P(B|C) = 0.5 Find the probability that exactly one of A, B or C occurs. [5 Marks] 3 3. A veterinarian has been asked to prepare a diet for a group of dogs to be used in a nutrition study. Each serving must not exceed 8 ounces and must contain at least 29 units of nutrient I, and at least 20 units of nutrient II. Two brands of dog food may be used in preparing the diet: brand A and brand B. Each ounce of brand A contains 3 units of nutrient I and 4 units of nutrient II. Each ounce of brand B contains 5 units of nutrient I and 2 units of nutrient II. Brand A costs 3 cents/ounce and brand B costs 4 cents/ounce. Determine how many ounces of each brand of dog food should be used per serving to meet the given requirements at a minimum cost. [15 Marks]...
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