Invertebrates 3 nematodes, arthropods & echinoderms

Invertebrates 3 nematodes, arthropods & echinoderms...

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Invertebrates 3 Nematodes, arthropods & echinoderms Page 1 of 8 Nematodes (Phylum Nematoda) 1. General characteristics (a) Called roundworms (b) Bilateral, non-segmented, pseudocoelomic ecdysozoans (c) Free living (d) Parasitic 2. Locomotion (a) They have a tough cuticle, longitudinal muscles & high internal pressure, but no circular muscles. 3. Digestive tract, but no circulatory system & a simple excretory system. 4. Sexual reproduction & internal fertilization 5. Caenofhhabditis elegans has been well studied.
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Nematodes, arthropods & echinoderms Page 2 of 8 Arthropds (Phylum Arthropoda) 1. General characteristics (a) Segmented, but numbers are reduced (b) Exoskeleton of chitin (c) Jointed appendages are modified and specialized for different functions. (d) Cephalization (e) Different types of respiratory organs (f) Open circulatory system 2. Cheliceriformes 2.1 Representatives (a) Horseshoe crabs (b) Most are archnids
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Invertebrates 3 nematodes, arthropods & echinoderms...

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