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a. 23.3 b. 62.0 c. 26.3 d. 162 e. 8.3 a. 2.0 b. -0.13 c. 5.8 x 10 -4 d. 29 e. 0.13 a. +355 b. -1135 c. +1135 d. +35 e. -35 Graded Quiz 3 Penelope Codding Started: January 5, 2010 14:39 Questions: 10 Finish Save All Help Instructions If you do not save your responses to the questions before submission, they will not be graded. 1. 05.01-027 (Points: 1) The value of H° for the reaction below is +128.1 kJ: How many kJ of heat are consumed when 5.75 g of CO (g) is formed as shown in the equation? Save Answer 2. 05.01-033 (Points: 1) The specific heat capacity of lead is 0.13 J/g-K. How much heat (in J) is required to raise the temperature of of lead from 22°C to 37°C? Save Answer 3. 05.01-038 (Points: 1) H for the reaction Save Answer Assessment http://blackboard.uvic.ca/webct/urw/lc445493873001.tp452335328001/a. .. 1 of 4 05/01/2010 2:42 PM
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a. a only b. b only c. c only d. a and b e. b and c 4. 05.02-008 (Points: 1) When a system __________, E is always negative. a.
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C102Quiz3Ans - Assessment...

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