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Graded Quiz 5 Penelope Codding Started: February 5, 2010 14:49 Questions: 10 Finish Save All Help 1. 11-MC-038 (Points: 1) Volatility and vapor pressure are __________. a. inversely proportional to one another b. directly proportional to one another c. not related d. the same thing e. both independent of temperature Save Answer 2. 11-MCB-016 (Points: 1) Of the following, __________ is the most volatile. CBr 4 CCl 4 CF 4 CH 4 C 6 H 14 a. CBr 4 b. CCl 4 c. CF 4 d. CH 4 e. C 6 H 14 Save Answer 3. 11-MCB-017 (Points: 1) Assessment http://blackboard.uvic.ca/webct/urw/lc445493873001.tp452335328001/a. .. 1 of 5 05/02/2010 2:50 PM
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and pressure under which the solid and the gas of the substance are in equilibrium. a. AB b. AC c. AD d. CD e. BC Save Answer 4. 11-MCB-019 (Points: 1) The phase diagram of a substance is given above. The region that corresponds to the solid phase is __________. a.
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C102Quiz5Ans - Assessment

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