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T1a9p - be accelerated upward at 3.0 m/s 2 if the stress in...

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Assignment 9 Problems(Fall Term Physics 102) 62. A uniform 10.0-N picture frame is supported as shown in Figure P8.62. Find the tension in the cords and the magnitude of the horizontal force at P that are required to hold the frame in the position shown. T 1 = 11.2 N, T 2 = 1.39 N, F = 7.23 N FIGURE P8.62 6. A stainless steel orthodontic wire is applied to a tooth, as in Figure P9.6. The wire has an unstretched length of 3.1 cm and a diameter of 0.22 mm. If the wire is stretched 0.10 mm, find the magnitude and direction of the force on the tooth. Disregard the width of the tooth and assume the Young’s modulus for stainless steel is 18 x 10 10 Pa. R = 22 N FIGURE P9.6 10. A high-speed lifting mechanism supports an 800-kg object with a steel cable 25.0 m long and 4.00 cm 2 in cross-sectional area. (a) Determine the elongation of the cable. (b) By what additional amount does the cable increase in length if the object is accelerated upward at a rate of 3.0 m/s 2 ? (c) What is the greatest mass that can
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Unformatted text preview: be accelerated upward at 3.0 m/s 2 if the stress in the cable is not to exceed the elastic limit of the cable, which is 2.2 x 10 8 Pa? (a) 2.5 mm, (b) .75 mm, (c) 6.9X10 3 kg 36. An object weighing 300 N in air is immersed in water after being tied to a string connected to a balance. The scale now reads 265 N. Immersed in oil, the object appears to weigh 275 N. Find (a) the density of the object and (b) the density of the oil. ρ object = 8.57 X 10 3 kg/m 3 , ρ oil = 714 kg/m 3 38. A rectangular air mattress is 2.0 m long, 0.50 m wide, and 0.08 m thick. If it has a mass of 2.0 kg, what additional mass can it support in water? ∆ m= 78 N 88. Oil having a density of 930 kg/m 3 floats on water. A rectangular block of wood 4.00 cm high and with a density of 960 kg/m 3 floats partly in the oil and partly in the water. The oil completely covers the block. How far below the interface between the two liquids is the bottom of the block? x = 1.71 cm...
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