Optical Networks - _Chapter 9 Network Survivability_105

Optical Networks - _Chapter 9 Network Survivability_105 - 9...

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Unformatted text preview: 9 c h a p t e r Network Survivability P roviding resilience against failures is an important requirement for many high-speed networks. As these networks carry more and more data, the amount of disruption caused by a network-related outage becomes more and more significant. A single outage can disrupt millions of users and result in millions of dollars of lost revenue to users and operators of the network. As part of the service-level agreement between a carrier and its customer leasing a connection, the carrier commits to providing a certain availability for the connection. A common requirement is that the connection be available 99.999% (five 9s) of the time. This requirement corresponds to a connection downtime of less than 5 minutes per year. A connection is often routed through many nodes in the network between its source and its destination, and there are many elements along its path that can fail. The only practical way of obtaining 99.999% availability is to make the network survivable, that is, able to continue providing service in the presence of failures. Protection switching is the key technique used to ensure survivability. These protec- tion techniques involve providing some redundant capacity within the network and...
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Optical Networks - _Chapter 9 Network Survivability_105 - 9...

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