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Unformatted text preview: Problems 429 standard, Ethernet VLANs are defined in IEEE 802.1Q, Provider Bridges are de- fined in IEEE 802.1ad, Provider Backbone Bridges are defined in IEEE 802.1ah, and Provider Backbone BridgeTraffic Engineering is defined in IEEE 802.1Qay. There is the IEEE Communication Magazines series on the topic of carrier Ethernet [MPH08, NSG08]. An industry alliance on carrier Ethernet is the Metro Ethernet Forum, which has a Web site at metroethernetforum.org. A tutorial of the Resilient Packet Ring can be found in [DYGU04]. RPR is specified in the IEEE 802.17 standard [IEE04]. Its fair access mechanism is described and analyzed in [GYB + 04, YGK04]. ANSI standards have been established for Fibre Channel. [Cla99, TS00] pro- vide primers on storage-area networks in general, focusing on Fibre Channel so- lutions. The Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) maintains a Web site, www.fibrechannel.org, for Fibre Channel....
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