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Problems 507 OADM OADM Amplifier SONET regenerator SONET terminal SONET terminal SONET ADM SONET ADM STS-1 (51 Mb/s) connection OADM 10 Gb/s line rate Figure 8.13 A combined SONET/WDM optical network for Problem 8.2. Laser safety is covered by several standards, including ANSI, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the ITU [Ame88, Int93, Int00, US86, ITU99, ITU96]. Problems 8.1 Which sublayer within the optical layer would be responsible for handling the fol- lowing functions? (a) Setting up and taking down lightpaths in the network (b) Monitoring and changing the digital wrapper overhead in a lightpath (c) Rerouting all wavelengths (except the optical supervisory channel) from a failed fiber link onto another fiber link (d) Detecting a fiber cable cut in a WDM line system (e) Detecting failure of an individual lightpath
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Unformatted text preview: (f) Detecting bit errors in a lightpath 8.2 Consider the SONET network operating over the optical layer shown in Figure 8.13. Trace the path of the connection through the network, and show the termination of different layers at each network element. 8.3 Consider the network shown in Figure 8.14. Suppose the link segment between OLT A and amplifier B fails. (a) Assume that each node detects loss of light in 2 ms and waits 5 ms before it sends an FDI signal downstream. Also, each node waits for 2 s after the loss of light is detected before it triggers an alarm. Assume that the propagation delay on each link segment (segment defined as the part of the link between adjacent amplifiers or between an OLT and adjacent amplifier) is 3 ms....
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