Optical Networks - _References11_131

Optical Networks - _References11_131 - References 651...

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Unformatted text preview: References 651 transmitted out of each port on the wavelength router. Assume that in addition to the standard loss, we get only 1 / 2 N of the transmitted power in each channel, where N is the number of ONUs. 11.2 Consider the RITENET architecture shown in Figure 11.10. Suppose the laser speed at the CO is limited to 155 Mb/s. The network needs to support 20 ONUs and provide each ONU with 10 Mb/s bandwidth from the CO to the ONU and 2 Mb/s from the ONU to the CO. How could you modify the architecture to support this requirement? References [Aar95] R. Aaron, editor. IEEE Communications Magazine: Special Issue on Access to Broadband Services , volume 33, Aug. 1995. [Bha99] V. K. Bhagavath. Emerging high-speed xDSL access services: Architectures, issues, insights, and implications. IEEE Communications Magazine , 37(11):106–114, Nov. 1999. [BPC + 05] A. Banerjee, Y. Park, F. Clarke, H. Song, S. Yang, G. Kramer, K. Kim, and B. Mukherjee. Wavelength-division-multiplexed passive optical network (wdm-pon) technologies for broadband access: a review. Journal of Optical Networking...
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Optical Networks - _References11_131 - References 651...

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