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References 699 to the header and payload. Again, if we want to maintain the payload at 90% of the overall packet, and the header at 10 bytes at 1 Gb/s, what size does the payload need to be? References [Ams83] S. Amstutz. Burst switching—an introduction. IEEE Communications Magazine , 21:36–42, Nov. 1983. [AS92] A. S. Acampora and S. I. A. Shah. Multihop lightwave networks: A comparison of store-and-forward and hot-potato routing. IEEE Transactions on Communications , 40(6):1082–1090, June 1992. [Bar64] P. Baran. On distributed communications networks. IEEE Transactions on Communications , pages 1–9, March 1964. [Bar96] R. A. Barry et al. All-optical network consortium—ultrafast TDM networks. IEEE JSAC/JLT Special Issue on Optical Networks , 14(5):999–1013, June 1996. [BCM + 92] D.J .Blumenthal,K.Y .Chen,J .Ma,R.J .Feuerstein ,andJ .R.Sauer . Demonstration of a deflection routing 2 × 2 photonic switch for computer interconnects. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters , 4(2):169–173, Feb. 1992. On-off switch On-off switch 3-dB coupler 3dB coupler Pump Pump Input pulses Output pulses 2t j -1 Delay 2 ( - t) j -1 T Figure 12.29 An optical packet demultiplexer can be built, in principle, by passing the compressed packet passes through k expansion stages, where 2 k is the smallest power of two that is not smaller than the packet length
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700 Photonic Packet Switching [BDG95] C. Baransel, W. Dobosiewicz, and P. Gburzynski. Routing in multihop packet switching networks: Gb/s challange. IEEE Network , pages 38–61, May/June 1995. [BDN90] K. J. Blow, N. J. Doran, and B. P. Nelson. Demonstration of the nonlinear fibre loop mirror as an ultrafast all-optical demultiplexer. Electronics Letters , 26(14):962–964, July 1990. [BFP93] A. Bononi, F. Forghieri, and P. R. Prucnal. Synchronisation in ultrafast packet switching transparent optical networks. Electronics Letters , 29(10):872–873, May 1993. [BGR + 05] N. Beheshti, Y. Ganjali, R. Rjaduray, D. Blumenthal, and N. McKeown. Buffer sizing in all-optical packet switches. In OFC 2005 Technical Digest , Anaheim, Mar. 2005. [BIPT98] D. J. Blumenthal, T. Ikegami, P. R. Prucnal, and L. Thylen, editors. IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology: Special Issue on Photonic Packet Switching Technologies, Techniques and Systems , volume 16, Dec. 1998. [Bor95] F. Borgonovo. Deflection routing. In M. Steenstrup, editor, Routing in Communication Networks . Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1995. [BP96] A. Bononi and P. R. Prucnal. Analytical evaluation of improved access techniques in deflection routing networks. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking , 4(5):726–730, Oct. 1996. [BPS94]
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Optical Networks - _References12_141 - References 699 to...

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