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Optical Networks - _Summary3_43

Optical Networks - _Summary3_43 - Summary 229 2fp fs fs fp...

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Summary 229 SOA Filter f s f s f p f p 2 f f p s - 2 f f p s - 2 f f s p - 2 f f p s - Figure 3.79 Wavelength conversion by four-wave mixing in a semiconductor optical amplifier. efficiency goes down significantly as the wavelength separation between the signal and probe is increased. We will study the conversion efficiency of four-wave mixing in Section 5.8.4. Summary We have studied many different optical components in this chapter. Couplers, iso- lators, and circulators are all commodity components. Many of the optical filters that we studied are commercially available, with fiber gratings, thin-film multicavity filters, and arrayed waveguide gratings used in commercial WDM systems. Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) are widely deployed and indeed served as a key enabler for WDM. EDFA designs can incorporate multiple stages and gain-flattening filters and provide midstage access between the multiple stages to insert other elements such as dispersion compensating modules and wavelength add/drop multiplexers. Distributed Raman amplifiers are being used in conjunction
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