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Summary 427 Table 6.5 Fibre Channel storage-area network. Name Data Rate Transmission Rate (MBytes/s) (Gb/s) 1GFC 100 1.063 2GFC 200 2.125 4GFC 400 4.252 8GFC 800 8.504 10GFC 1000 10.519 lasers at 850 nm are used with multimode fibers with a reach of up to a few hundred meters. Summary In this chapter, we studied several important client layers of the optical layer. These have been deployed widely in public telecommunications networks as well as private enterprise networks. The public transmission infrastructure in North America is dominated by SONET; SDH is used in most other parts of the world. SONET/SDH provides efficient time division multiplexing for low-speed streams and allows these streams to be transported across the network in a reliable, well-managed way. OTN is an alternative and emerging technology. Generic Framing Procedure is a mechanism for these physical layer protocols to be used by a variety of packet networks. The predominant network layer protocol today is IP. Most of the data traffic
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Unformatted text preview: entering the network is IP traffic, spurred by the growth of the Internet and corporate intranets. IP provides primarily best-effort routing of packets from their source to destination and has no notion of connections. MPLS has emerged to expand the scope of IP to allow explicit routing of packets along defined paths through the network. Ethernet is another packet network technology. It is used in the enterprise domain and for transport within service providers. Ethernet also has a physical layer that supports optical transmission at the 1 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s rates. The Resilient Packet Ring is an alternative to the SONET/SDH ring for data packet traffic. It provides different services including guaranteed bandwidth and best effort, and fair access. Because of its ring topology, it is resilient to faults....
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