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Optical Networks - _Summary11_129

Optical Networks - _Summary11_129 - Summary 649 broadcast...

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Summary 649 broadcast network with dedicated bandwidth and eventually to a switched network with dedicated bandwidth. Summary Service providers, both telephone operators and cable companies, are actively look- ing to deploy broadband access networks to provide a variety of new services. Fiber- based services are now available for many businesses in metropolitan areas. When it comes to residential access, however, fiber is yet to reach the home. SONET/SDH ring-based architectures have been deployed to support the needs of large business customers, but they are not as suited for supporting the needs of residential users and small business customers. The two main architectures for broadband access networks are the hybrid fiber coax (HFC) architecture, which is based on evolving the current plant deployed by cable television operators, and the fiber to the curb (FTTC) archi- tecture, or equivalently a passive optical network (PON) architecture. Compared to
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