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Optical Networks - _untitled_1 - The horizons of optical...

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The horizons of optical networks are much more than high speed physical layer transport. An intelligent optical network design must include higher network layer considerations. This is the only book currently on the market that addresses optical networks from the physical layer to the network layer and should be valuable for those who try to understand the intricacies of what optical networks can be. Vincent Chan, Professor, MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science This book is not only essential reading for anyone in the optical networks industry, it is important. It provides the necessary foundation of learning for anyone hoping to contribute to this technology’s rapid evolution. Scott Clavenna, President, PointEast Research The authors’ grasp of what is truly workable and worthwhile in optical networks is fundamental, and they have effectively packaged this knowledge in an easy-to-comprehend text that will be valued to both veterans and those new to optical networking. Scott Grout, President and CEO, Chorum Technologies This is a comprehensive and authoritative work on optical networks, ranging in scope from components and systems to overall design principles. I nd the book well organized and easy to use, and I particularly li ke the treatment of network design and operation. An essential book for anyone seriously interested in optical networks. Goff Hill, Chief Network Architect, Altamar Networks, UK I really enjoy the bottoms-up approach taken by the authors to address fundamentals of optical components as the enablers, optical transmission system design and engineering as the building blocks, and network architecture and its management features that deliver applications to the network operators and services providers at the top of the food chain. Shoa-Kai Liu, Director of Advanced Technology, Worldcom
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Optical Networks - _untitled_1 - The horizons of optical...

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