extra - The United States National Healthcare Act is a bill...

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The United States National Healthcare Act is a bill passed that creates a single collective healthcare system in United States (Wikipedia). This means that all the medically essential treatment of the patient will be compensated directly by the Government of United States. This will put an end to private health insurance company's requirement for basic treatment. However private medical insurance can be used as an additional coverage. This system would be paid for through the taxes that would replace insurance premiums. Like all new regulations, healthcare has its own advantages and disadvantages. This act has some major benefits, such as everyone will be eligible to purchase health insurance. If people cannot afford it, they can pay less and utilize the same benefits. Insurers will be required to cover people with pre-existing conditions and cannot stop covering people until a certain criteria is met (Medical Fraud, etc.). In the long run this will support in decreasing medical costs considerably (Huffington Post, Mar 22, 2010). Another major advantage is that health insurers wi. ... When it comes to our health care system, most of us agree that America is ready for a change. We need a system that delivers accessible, high quality care, but we can’t achieve this goal with government policies that attack the foundation of our current health care system which is employer sponsored health insurance. The Obama administration and members of congress are pushing legislation to set up a government run health care system. This government run system would operate in competition with private health insurance that is commonly provided by many employers to employees and their families. Employer sponsored health insurance is the backbone
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extra - The United States National Healthcare Act is a bill...

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