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Congress A Broken branch essay

Congress A Broken branch essay - Taylor Rawson Professor...

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Taylor Rawson Professor Haynes- TA Sanchez Pols 1101- Congress 7 October 2009 Congress: A Broken Branch? The “Broken Branch” by Mann and Ornstein was written to address the drastically declining Congress. Apparently, Congress has been in a spiraling decline especially in the past decade. Mann and Ornstein focused on a few major points as to the specifics for the decline and what should take place to fix these problems. These problems with Congress include: a shortened work week; a shortened time period to review and pass a bill; an increase in the length and complexity of a bill; and more specifics on interests of the congressional representatives. Recently, Congress has decreased the work week to three days per week, Tuesday through Thursday. This consequently has made the amount of time to review or pass a bill decrease too. Now it takes merely a few days to pass a bill, whereas it used to take weeks to pass. Another change in Congress is how long and complicated the bills are now compared to in the past. Now bills being proposed are so long that there is no way that committees can read an entire bill before it gets passed or rejected. Members of Congress are therefore voting on bills based on
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