April 5 - April 5 South Korea Korea had been part of the...

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April 5 South Korea Korea had been part of the Japanese empire for 35 years until 1945. The country had been split in 2, a communist regime in the north, and an American backed democracy in the south. 1950 they were swept into a civil war. While the Japanese made money from this war, 3 million Koreans were killed. At the end of the war, the 2 sides were left just as they were before it started. The war left south Korea one of the poorest countries in the world. South Koreans lived under constant renewed fighting from the north. 1961 a military regime took over Seoul. o The black market was shut down. o General Park focused much effort on economic development. o He took steps to build a highway as soon as possible. o It linked Korea’s largest cities. o The govenremtn told business men what factories were to be built, and where. o Workers were allowed no excuses. o Japan supplied much of the money, the machinery and many of the technicians. o Korea built one of the biggest steel plants in the world. o They used the steel to built ships, and cars. o Small villages got electricity for the first time. o Villagers had to donate their time to public work projects. o The governemtn said that all thatched roofs should be replaced with tiles. o New schools were opened. o Present Parks leadership were pushed through with ruthless efficiency. o Korean workers worked long hours for low wages in order to make more exports. o Park’s political opponents were imprisoned or killed. o In 1974 and assassin mortally wounded his life. o
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April 5 - April 5 South Korea Korea had been part of the...

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