April 19 - 3) Cultural revolution. Mao headed the cultural...

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3) Cultural revolution. Mao headed the cultural revolution and used the students. IN the other one the students did not feel that the CCP was on their side. Also think about Mao’s purpose for the cultural revolution, and its impact. . Did it strengthen the CCP. Think of the cultural revolution on the memory of Mao. Think about the impact on intellectuals, the students who were in the red guard, those who were in the red guard, the part of the documentary that spoke of the revolution, and the oral histories. You can also think the ways in which the cultural revolution with economic reform and economic liberalization. 2.) Scap was headed by macarther but, scap also applies to the grander association that is set up. April 19 th The last time we talked about Japan, we talked about Japan’s economic miracle. Domestic and international factors that assisted Japan’s economic recovery. Many foreigners were surprised that Japan continued to grow so rapidly in the 1960s. 1960 Ikeda Hayato was the new prime minister, and he promised an income doubling plan. Which over 1 decade they would double each homes income and double the nations GNP. Into the beginning of the 1970s Japan’s economic development seemed like it would continue to grow forever. Eventually the growth came to a halt. It was much due to Richard Nixon’s policies. Nixon Shocks- the US was going to normalize relations with China. China and Japan had not yet signed a peace treaty. The Chinese were interested in having normal relations with Japan. The Japanese had not made overtures to the Chinese in the 50s and 60s basically because the U.S. said no. When Nixon announced his plan to normalize relations with China, he did not first let the Japanese know. The bond that the U.S. held with Japan was quite strong. They were major trading partners. The Japanese were shocked that the U.S. did not let them know of their plans in east Asia. Japan quickly followed suit and normalized relations as welll. Also in 1971 the first of the economic shocks by Nixon was his decision to charge
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April 19 - 3) Cultural revolution. Mao headed the cultural...

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