Feb 24 - Feb 24 A modern industrial society was growing in...

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Feb 24 A modern industrial society was growing in the early 1900s. Tokyo was the center of it all. In 1923 the ministry of education made a film about social revolution The menji revolution was the start of this revolutionj, it would continue into the 20 th century. The film was a premer of how to get along in the new society. o How to handle the changes that took palce very fast The most difficult change was the pace of life. People were moving from farms to cities by the thousands. New people were being mixed together People were moving to the cities for a better life New jobs and new groups had taken shape Lifestyles had changed rapidly, samurai found there place in the new society as well. As japan moved into the 20 th century there was almost no time to reflect the changes of the menji era. Growth was still the major task at hand. Tokyo now had 2 million people It was more than a great city, it was the symbol of new Japan Conflicts were building, the first came in the first year of the Tasho era. The military had vito power over cabinet decisions. There was a mass demonstration of civilian political power. The chrisis ended in march 1913, retired officers could now also hold cabinet posts. The center of social action was in the cities, where new freedoms/tensions were building Tokyo grew dramatically in size and population in 2 decades. By 1920 3.5 million people called Tokyo home. o It was the promise of a better life o The difficult conditions mae many Japanese fight for their fair share The factory workers were often women and children Ziabatsu controlled much of the business and trade for Japan. The greatest economic boost came from WWI. Japan took over german holdings in China. Japan replaced Britian as the biggest textile supplier to Asia Not only was democracy gaining popularity, so was socialism. Not all Japanese benefited from these quick changes. Agriculture lagged behind industrial growth Public protest was spreading throughout the nation. Some movements were idoloical, universities became debate centeres for ideas. Military training in universities was a target. The worsening economy brought the sharpest protest. Workers started causing disputes.
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By the early 1920s movements of all kinds had started, political groups, student activists etc. In Tokyo, Sep 1 1923, there was a major earthquake which destroyed many of the new buildings. It was the great Tokyo earthquake, 130,000 or more people had died. Most of Tokyo had been reduced to rubble There were rumors of Koreans poisoning water supplies, so the Koreans were killed by angry mobs. Eventually a new Tokyo emerged.
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Feb 24 - Feb 24 A modern industrial society was growing in...

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