February 8 - February 8 Jan 3rd 1868 the emperor declared...

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February 8 Jan 3 rd 1868 the emperor declared an imperial restoration o This effectively overthrew the shogun o Two main diamyo were Satsuma and Choshu The fighting continued for another 18 months In early 1868 Japan was continually forced to sign unequal treaties. The impact of the unequal treaties was becoming greater and greater. o The west was pushed low tariff rates on Japan The Japanese needed to figure out what role the Emperor was going to have in the new government o What type of government would even be established. o These were major challenges of 1868. Meiji leaders quickly issued a number of notices reinforcing laws. Meiji leaders decided restoring the emperor to a public place, but did not give him much authority. o He was both a public and political figure o He was not an independent decision maker. The oligarch advised him In 1868 he issued the Charter Oath o Involvmennt in political decision making would be extended to all citizens o Called for the creation of a political body… for all Japanese to have a voice in government. In 1868 those who overthrew the Tokugawa were a small percentage of the samurai, the rest of the daimyo were concerned they would be left out of power… The Charter Oath reassured them Japanese leaders realized that for treaties to succeed, western knowledge was needed. The class system was gotten rid of. When early Meiji leaders had the Emperor issue the Charter Oath; they were not 100% sure what they were going to do o They knew the wanted a strong centralized gov o Strong military o Not all agreed What they ended up creating was a fundamental restructuring of Japanese politics, economics, and Japanese society. As well as changing the way japan interacted with the world o Japan became very modern and very representative of western ways in the Meiji period This was an aristocratic revolution o This wasn’t a revolution by the lowest elements of society… o An elite group, overthrew another elite group. The reforms they engineered were truly radical in nature o They created a new governemental structure Change perpoerty system to a beurocratic system where the government could be centralized o They abolished the domains. o
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February 8 - February 8 Jan 3rd 1868 the emperor declared...

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