Febuary 1st - Febuary 1st Tokugawa System Politcal...

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Febuary 1 st Tokugawa System Politcal structure o in 1603 a new shogunatte was established o From 1600-1603 the Tokugawa was a clear victor they lasted 1603-1868 The Tokugawa was considered to be a Bakuhan (Bakufu Han) o The tokugawa controlled 25% of japans land including commercial centers mines the 25% was divided into many different domain (Domain = han) The domains were headed by Daimyo (regional military rulers) o The bakufu also assumed total control of foreign affairs o They also appointed all of the Daimyo o At the head of the Bakufu was the Shogun Within individual domains, they Daimyo had key functions in their own domains: o Each domain had their own military o Each Shogun had their own territory o The Daimyo collected taxes within their own domains they were also allowed to develop the local economies as they saw fit. Some allowed commercialization, monopolies, etc The shogun put many rules in place to keep the Daimyo in place o The Shogun placed Daimyo in positions depending on if they fought with or against the Shogun o Closer to important urban centeres, were the friendly Daimyo o Near the outskirts were the enemy Daimyo by placing the enemy Daimyo in the outskirts, it prevented them from rising up or much less gain political power o The Daimyo could only have militaries that were so large o Each Daimyo could only have 1 castle or so. .. and its defense was also stipulated by the Shogun. o
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Febuary 1st - Febuary 1st Tokugawa System Politcal...

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