Jan 20th - Key traits of Manchu rule Considered to be a...

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Considered to be a barbarian people The dominant ethnic group in China was Han Barbarians had a hunting/gathering tradition Han respected learning, and the arts The Mandate of Heaven o the dynasty that preceeded the manchu ruled from the 1300s to 1600s The manchu swept down from the northern part of china over the great wall, and over a period of 40 years fought off claimers to the dynasty. By the early 1660s they had appeared victorious o Their newly established dynasty was Qing (1644-1911) which means pure it made them seem more Chinese (they didnt want to seem as outsiders) Over that 40 year period, they took a number of steps to consolidate their rule o to uphold their own manchu identity maintained their own distinct language religious practices Manchuria was a homeland (only Manchus were allowed) prevented intermarriage between Manchu and Chinese Manchu women could not bind their feet Kept up their hunting practices reserved their banner (organization) which distinguished the Manchu group o they needed to accommodate themselves so they would be acceptable (become more Chinese) adopted Confucianism (social contract between the emperor and its people) they kept the emperor and all his rituals they kept the same capital; Peking Also kept the examination system a primary way in which the elite of Han society could “climb the latter” by keeping that exam system in place the best and brightest of Han would integrate themselves into the bureaucratic system o They had to decipher who was who Queue – a hairstyle; front was shaved, while the back was a ponytail this showed they had rule from the top (administration) all the way down to individual homes. The manchu's continued to appoint Hans to positions in the bureaucratic system, but they were always bested by Manchu authority. From 1644-late 1700s the dynasty experienced
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Jan 20th - Key traits of Manchu rule Considered to be a...

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