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Jan 27 - Jan 27 Chinas rebellions gave momentum to China's...

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Jan 27 Chinas rebellions gave momentum to China's self strengthening o first self strengthen began in 1860-70 Many self-strengthening projects wanted to make China the center of the world again o many of these efforts fundamentally failed 1883,4,5 – the chinese went to war with france over Vietnam and was humiliated 1894-95 – The Japanese soundly defeated China Cost china prestige, money, etc. directly follewed by the carving of China Multiple countries wanted resources from parts of China There was a vibe that the self-strengthening failed o basic form was needed to move look forward, instead of dwelling on the past Kang Youwei o 100 days of reform o major contribution was he thoughts on confucisism and confuscian texts previously was the core of thinking about governemtn and responsibility of citizens o Confusian thought was very cyclicle o Confuscian has provided something new. Kang wanted to show he was a reformed o Also said, the documents we have baised our governement on, are false o Had a western understanding of the Future o Thought China was not doomed to the up and down successful cycle... wanted to move forward Liang Qichao o Made many concrete suggestions on how China could move forward elected congress educational system the educational system should include western topics math science technology previously it was almost entirely based on confucis texts military progress o Had a strong influence on Emperor Guangxu Emperor Guangxu was a forward looking individual himself was convinced over the 100 days to create many modernizations postal service constitution Emperor Guangxu signed many reform policies
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Empress Dowager Cixi o Very opposed to reform o She may have even assassanated those who opposed to her mindset who had political influence o she was the face of the Manchu government in the 2 nd
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