March 22 - Before the break we watched a documentary on the...

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March 22, 2010 Before the break we watched a documentary on the PRC. In 1979 3 years after mao Zedong, the central commity met and decided that 70% of his policies had been correct, and 30% had been incorrect. IN 1949 the chincese communist party faced different problems o No sound central governement sthat could effectively govern the whole country. o China had been at war with japan, and had a civil war going on between nationalists and communists This was solved through a 3 pillar system For a country as large as China, the early actions made by the CCP were very effective Another huge problem was economic chaos. o There was no national treasurty, the nationalists had taken all of the reserves when they fled. o There were multiple currencies out there, o The CCP collected all of these currencies, and established 1 major one. After years and years of war against Japan, and civil war, the country was oppurating at negative growth rates. So the governement tried to stimulate industrial growth The 5 year plan tried to stimulate growth. It modeled Soviet plans, soviet technical advice, etc. o The 5 year plan set economic goals, and actually its goals were met in 3 years. Land reform- The CCP was implementing land reform in the 1930s but it became an official reform in 1949, agriculutural output increased spectuacularly after the war was over. The CCP then moved from private ownership of land, to a grated develepmenet associated type development. Family units were 5,10, or 25 families. Land reform itself was considered a success for peasants, but not for land lords. In many cases they were killed. There was also a step back when the land was taken back form the peasants.
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March 22 - Before the break we watched a documentary on the...

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