March 31 - March 31 Korean War Aug 1945 if the Koreans...

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March 31 Korean War Aug 1945 if the Koreans would have been left alone, they would have gone to civil war. There wre 2 fundamental divides in Korea; those who went along with the Japanese (the traditional elite, landlords, and those who found jobs, those who were not inclined to bring about reform), and those on the left who were very influenced by communism and a younger generation which studied in Japan ( they actively resisted the Japanese, those who were tenant farmers) A man named comings believed this bloody civil war would have resulted in the left prevailing. When the war between Japan and Russia was on, Russian troops moved into Manchuria and were fast approaching the Korean peninsula itself. The decision made to divide Korea on the 38 th parallel was made by an outside influence, Koreans were not told that it would be so, nor asked if they wanted it to happen. The Soviets occupied the North, and the U.S. occupied the south. Both countries protected their side. The 38 th parallel did not take into account the population and resources available. Koreans were adamant of getting rid of this line, the line itself was supposed to be temporary. The Americans and soviets agreed that the Koreans should be allowed to hold a nation wide election, where they could choose their own goverentmnt. The soviets and the US would then withdrawl. Those elections only ended up happening in the north. The division itself became much more solidified in 1948. South Koreans had formed their own provisional govnerment independent of the American presence, to try to lead the country without foreign support. The early Americans found that this new government was very leftist, they were supportive of land reform and many communist ideas. The US then tried to remove and dissolve this reform. They tried to put in place something more appropriate. It wasn’t entirely democratic, it was more conservative, and more anti-communist. The American desire to impose some democratic principals did not take into
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March 31 - March 31 Korean War Aug 1945 if the Koreans...

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