Pacific war - Pacific war Mannchurian incident was the way...

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Pacific war Mannchurian incident was the way Japan took more power in China. o They created this incident as an opportunity (justification to take action) o Bombed a railway Japan took over all of Manchuria This was the beginning of the 15 years war (which lasted from 1931-1945) o 1937 was the 2 nd sino-japanese war o North of Bejing, the Marco-polo bridge, Japanese troops from Manchuria were shooting blancs, one of their own went missing. Japanese troops assumed that the Chinese troops kidnapped him. The 2 sides continued to fight even after the man was found. o 1931-1937 Japan continued to further entrench itself in China o 1931 Japan conquered Mancheria o Japan migrated in greater numbers during this 6 year period Japanese funneled a lot of money into Manchuria to start business and build infrastructure The Chinese governement in the 1930s was the nationalist governemtn. It was a central governeemnt The nationalists under Jiang Hishek was under one mindset for the Japanese o He believed that the Japanese were a disease of the skin. The communists were a disease of the heart. Jiang fought hard to exterminate the communists in the 1930s. o He diverted all of his resources to the small army of the communists. The Japanese felt like they could easily tear through all of China with no resistance. Civilians in China protested and wanted the Japanese removed, instead of going along with this domestic resistance, Jiang attempted to suppress this domestic resistance The Japanese gained control of the richest of the agricultural areas in china, and many other valuable resources. The first sever months of the 2 nd Sino-Japanese war were brutal o The Rape of Nanjing o IN early Dec of 1937 the Japanese troops moved into Nanjing (the home of the nationalist gov) o The Japanese had been making a significant amount of progress, and the only resistance before them was resistance. o The Japanese acted in a 6 week atrocity of events. These were the worst parts of the war of Japan. Rape of Nanjing Documentary APprsoix 30,000-40,000 womena and children awere raped Over 300,000 people were brutally mudered Many have wondered why the Japanese acted so inhumane against China The Japanese army was taught that the Chinese were less than Human The Nationalist army had the left the City unprotected
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Pacific war - Pacific war Mannchurian incident was the way...

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