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Under the black umbrella - • Dictating submission •...

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Under the black umbrella Historians ask if the Japanese policy as barbaric or enlightened. Barbaric – savage, oppressive, animalistic. Enlightened – social, educated, civilized, well info Japan was the sole influencer of Korea in this time period. It was established within the Japanese Empire. Japanese Policies Change names to Japanese o The Japanese had the war mentality o The Japanese wanted to pose unity, assimilation. o The Japanese wanted to integrate Korea into its formal Empire. Cut off hair Required Koreans to go to war Social event A large police presence tried to maintain basic control. Collectively there was a larger policy of administration
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Unformatted text preview: • Dictating submission • Using laws of assembly, laws of the press • The Police also were hostile Economic policies such as expoting agriculture were oppressive Korea was a great bread basket Japan developed roads harbors railroads, communication networks, bridges, trains, and all that infrastructure The Japanese developed Building roads building a modern transportation system was ment to bring Korea out of a non inudstrail period. Different ways to explain these improvmenets The Japanese also built mines, and better farming techniquest. They were intesded to bring Koreans out of a futile age, but it also furthered the Japanese...
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